Diego Rodríguez

The interior decorator and designer Diego Rodriguez creates, alongside a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds related to design and architecture, a multidisciplinary team which has been baptized as Estudio Concepto DR.

Concepto DR is the studio I´ve always dreamt of; the one I would hire for my own home.

I´ve brought together extraordinary professionals who understand and envision as I do, the way to create and design living spaces which transmit sensations.

Talented, experienced, warm and enthusiastic, very enthusiastic. That´s how I would define the Concepto DR team.

Concepto DR

Concepto DR develops projects from their start, creating and designing spaces which integrate innovation, vanguard and personality: Spaces which improve our clients’ quality of life.

We treat each project as unique, studying and analyzing it to achieve its maximum potential, satisfying each client’s needs. We understand that each project is a process with various stages in which we always wager for novelty, creativity and the clients timeline, integrating all intervening elements to give form to a final design concept.

Minotti, Dada and Molteni trust us to represent them in Spain. Brands which provide avant-garde, quality design and above all which potentiate our ideas.

Other Brands

As professionals, we have always sought out the best furniture designs with extraordinary workmanship and materials. 

We therefore offer a selection of the top contemporary furniture brands in the industry today.

Castelló, 7
28001 Madrid
Tel // (+34) 91 575 7405 – (+34) 91 578 3606

Príncipe de Vergara, 33
28001 Madrid
Tel // (+34) 91 436 10 04 – (+34) 91 578 03 18
Fax // (+34) 91 576 9259