Our mission is to create unique spaces based on an understanding and analysis of each client’s needs and objectives, combining elegance with trends and using the most innovative techniques.

The result is a home to suit every client.


Our spaces are designed and developed from the outset to appeal to each client’s sensibilities, incorporating his or her personal taste, which is reflected in every interior.

Each project is a process with multiple stages to which we bring freshness and creativity, while staying committed to the client’s schedule. All elements are integrated to shape the concept into the final result.

We are the trusted representatives of Minotti, Molteni and Dada in Spain. These brands contribute their innovations, quality and designs to our projects, and above all, enhance our ideas.

Castelló, 7
28001 Madrid
Tel // (+34) 91 575 7405 – (+34) 91 578 3606

Príncipe de Vergara, 33
28001 Madrid
Tel // (+34) 91 436 10 04 – (+34) 91 578 03 18
Fax // (+34) 91 576 9259